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Glamour Shots - Deception or Fantasy?

Dear Marc and Lu,

I just went out on a date with a woman who had an incredible photo. In person she's very plain. I wasn't attracted to her at all. Why do women deceive men like this?

Don't have a clue in Dallas

Marc's remarks
Lu's lines
Clueless, you're a pig. Not because you're hung up on looks. If that's what you're looking for, that's your prerogative. But because you're not taking responsibility for your part of the dating equation. Disappointment is part of the dating journey. You have to accept and be prepared for disappointment and not blame others. Marc, you're missing the point, you pompous ass. The point is that she LIED. Women use glamour shots all the time, and I hate them because they are so phony. The special hair and makeup and the soft perfect lighting aren't real. Sometimes it would take TISSUE PAPER in front of the lens to make some of those women look like that. We don't need to do that, women! We are already beautiful!
Men WANT to see that vision of loveliness. If you're pushing realism, how about I show our readers the photo of you after you've been awakened by the 6am alarm clock with drool dribbling down your chin and crust in the corner of your eye. Hey Big Guy, you're the only one who looks like that, and most of the time, too. The point is you'll never see the fantasy woman in the glamour photo on your actual date. You know it is a glamour shot -- they are easy to distinguish.
My point exactly, my precious persimmon. Glamour shots ARE easy to recognize. So there's no lie involved. Men, enjoy those photos but recognize them for the fantasy that they are. Our message to the ladies - we're visual creatures. We want an attractive woman. We want to see how you look when you're looking fine. We want to see and adore such photos. And you should want us to see them to attract responses. Come on, Marc, it's the WRONG kind of photo. We can and DO look FINE without the glamour shot.
You really do want me to publish the drool photo, don't you? … Lu, I'll agree with you only to the extent that the fantasy photo can't be the ONLY photo. So if a woman … Or a man. The same thing happens with professional business photos. Or pictures from a ball or prom. I love a hot guy in a tux!
Down, girl! Yes, if a woman or a man has a glamour or formal shot they should also have regular photos of themselves posted. And Clueless is still a pig. Agreed on all counts, studmuffin.


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