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Two: Two are you and your date. The Power of which can create a union that's more than the sum of its parts. Two is knowing both your inner and outer selves ... yourself and your partner ... your fantasies and reality. Two are Marc Freedman and Lu Vorhies, the partners of Dating to the Power of Two.

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"Professor Love"

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Marc is an industry visionary, author, and inspirational speaker on society, dating, and technology.

He is a management consultant with over 20 years experience developing, marketing, and managing businesses and technologies. He is CEO of RazorPop, a digital entertainment network and founder and chair of DallasPop.

Marc first became involved with online dating in 1995 as a senior marketing executive at SNET Internet, the first phone company to offer consumer ISP service. He wrote a column on online dating and was a beta tester for In the past several years since then he has actively consulted to the industry and reviewed over 25 different online dating services.

Marc holds a BS in computer science from MIT and an MPPM from the Yale School of Management. An accomplished creative, Marc completed the Screenwriting Program at the Yale School of Drama and has written a screenplay. In 1993 he won the INVISION Multimedia Award.

Lu Vorhies, M.A., LPC is a therapist and popular speaker. She teaches her Supercharged Seminars throughout Texas on Narcisstic Personality Disorder, Ethics and Values, Addictions , and other mental health topics. She's renowned for her insight and fun, fresh, direct, and down-to-earth speaking style.

Lu is a Licensed Professional Counselor with an M.A. degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University. She has been working in the mental health field for over 25 years. Her resume includes a hospital for the mentally challenged, a Job Corps Center, the Incest Recovery Association of Dallas, and the Anxiety and Phobia Center of the Southwest in Dallas. She spent a year working in a managed care company and is currently in private practice. Lu is also the Director of the Divorce Recovery Program at one of the larger churches in the Dallas area.

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