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Photos Required - Nine Reasons I don't Date Without Without 'Em
By Marc Freedman

See also No Pics, No Play

1. The bottom line. I’m serious about dating and meeting a terrific women. If you are serious too, you’ll have a photo. There’s no excuse and no reason not to.

2. Fairness. You've seen my picture. It's only fair that you provide the same.

3. Attraction. There has to be a physical attraction. I'm sure you’re attractive. And so am I. At least my mama told me so. But the question is whether we’re attractive to one another. That’s the purpose of the photo.

4. Pragmatism. In my days of innocence I made exceptions. EVERY TIME I didn’t get a pic I was disappointed. (By the way, don’t believe it when a date sends you her sister’s pic and says she looks just like her.) I tend to avoid situations that cause known pain.

5. This isn’t a game. The whole point of online dating is to learn about and see dates to ensure interest and compatibility BEFORE you meet them. Unlike chance meetings at a bar, or god forbid blind dates, online dating is effective and selective. Neither one of us wants to waste the other person's time.

6. Do it for youself. Most people have photos these days. I and many other men and women don't respond to ads without photos. You intentionally reduce the number of possible dates by not having a photo. Is that what you want?

7. You’re not the only Princess. You expect someone to take a risk on you. That’s a false assumption. The dating service has thousands of people. I don’t know you. I’m sure you’re a great person but so are many other interesting women. And most of them have photos. And many of them have photos to which I’m attracted. Who do you think I’ll contact first?

8. There’s no excuse. It takes less than $10 and ten minutes for Kinko’s to scan a photo for you. If you don’t have a good photo a disposable camera and film processing costs another $15. Have the sales clerk take a few photos. Film developers can scan the photos when they develop them and give you a disk so you don’t have to go to Kinko’s. This is a small amount of time and money. Much less in fact than you spend online searching ads, writing emails, paying for online dating memberships, and dating in person. Aren't you worth that investment in yourself?

9. It’s logical. I've written an article called the Mathematics of Dating that proves women must be proactive if they want to find the best guy out there. I prefer women who are proactive.


10. What about the guy you attract? What does it say about a guy who doesn’t care what you look like when he has thousands of women who do have photos that he could choose from? Sure, maybe there’s something amazingly scintillating about your profile. Or maybe he’s run out of the photo gals who’ve turned him down and he’s now turning to non-photo ladies in desperation.

11. Because they’re my rulez.

Copyright 2001-6 Marc Freedman


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